Minggu, 14 Juni 2015

Modals Auxiliaries

1.      Can
·         Can I borrow your book? (untuk meminta izin)
·         Riza can be at home tonight? (kemungkinan)
·         Iman can play the piano. (kemampuan)
2.      Could
·         Could I borrow your dictionary? (minta Izin)
·         Could you say it again more slowly? (permintaan)
·         We could try to fix it ourselves. (saran)
·         Tio could be very busy at that time. (kemungkinan)
·         He gave up his old job so he could work for us. (kemampuan)
3.      Shall
·         Shall I open the new bank account for you? (menawarkan bantuan)
·         Shall we go to the cinema tonight? (saran)
4.      Should
·         You should study hard every day (keharusan yang seharusnya dilakukan)
·         You should go to doctor soon. Rani is tired. She should rest. (anjuran/sebaiknya)
·         Profits should increase next year. (Prediksi tak tentu)
5.      Will
·         Will you carry these books for me? (permintaan/manwarkan)
·          I will get back to you first thing on Monday. (Janji)
6.      Would
·         Would you like to play badminton this Sunday? (mengundang)
·         Would you like another cup of tea? (permintaan)
7.      May
·         Rima may be late. (kemungkinan)
·         May you both the happy. (harapan)

8.      Might
·         You may go home now (persetujuan/izin)
·         They might give us a 10% discount (kemungkinan)
9.      Must
·         You must listen to your heart (keharusan)
·         You must not drive your car tonight (larangan)
10.  Ought to
·         We ought to employ a professional writer (menyarankan)
·         It’s raining so hard, you ought to bring your umbrella (menyarankan)

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