Minggu, 14 Juni 2015

Active - Passive

v  Simple Present Tense
Active : Wanda washes the clotes
Passive : The clotes are washed by Wanda

v  Present Progressive Tense
Active : Reni is reading a book
Passive : A book is being reading by Reni

v  Present Perfect Tense
Active : Eva have coocked the meat
Passive : The meat have been coocked by Eva

v  Simple Past Tense
Active : Melisa washed the motorcycle
Passive : The motorcycle was washed by Melisa

v  Past Progressive
Active : Viki was helping the tourist about the traffic in Jakarta
Passive : The tourist was being by Viki about the traffic in Jakarta

v  Past Perfect
Active : Nanda had fixed the bicycle few days ago
Passive : The bicycle had been fixed by Eva few days ago

v  Simple Future
Active : Astri will finish his course at 5.00pm
Passive : His course will be finished by Astri at 5.00pm

v  Be going to
Active : Kartika is going to visit Biko next week
Passive : Biko is going to be visited by Kartika next week

v  Future perfect
Active : Albert will have finished the chores

Passive : The chores will have been finished by Albert

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