Jumat, 06 April 2012

Active and Passive Sentences

Nama : Rachma Triantini
Kelas : 1EA06
NPM  :  15211697

1. The students will do the test carefully
   => The test will be done by the student carefully

2. Mili is considering to study by Jake
   => Jake is being considered to study by Mili

3. Mother has made a cake
   => A cake has been made by mother

4. Dany will study mathematic today with Rachma
   => Rachma will studied mathematic by Dany today

5. Barry helps Dita to open the door
   => Dita helped to open the door by Barry

6. My brother was take a cookie
   => A cookie taken by my brother

7. Mrs. Ratih asks me to do the homework
   => I am asked by Mrs. Ratih to do the homework

8. Mitha cleaned the room
   => The room was cleaned by Mitha

9. Vicky prepares everthing for the test
   => Everything for the test are prepared by Vicky

10. They are eat fruit
   => The fruits was eaten by them

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