Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

Direct to Indirect Speech

Nama : Rachma Triantini
NPM : 15211697
Kelas : 1EA06

1.  He asked me, "how will you go there?"
=> He asked me how I would go there.

2.  Mary asked me, "open your book"
=> Mary asked me to open my book.

3.  Dina told me, "don't wait for me"
=> Dina told me not to wait for her.

4.  John asked the girl, "what time is it?"
=>  John asked the girl what time it was.

5.  Jane said, "I am going out of town yesterday"
=> Jane said that she was going out of town the day before.

6.  Bryan says, "I don't like Mathematic"
=> Bryan says that he not to like Mathematic.

7.  Mrs. Rikha said to the student, "be quiet while I am talking"
=> Mrs. Rikha said to the student to be quiet while she was talking.

8.  Leika says, "I will go to Bali tomorrow"
=> Leika says he would go to Bali the following day.

9.  Geigy said to Jane, "don't waste the time"
=> Geigy said to Jane not to waste the time.

10.  He asked me, "turn off the light"
=> He asked me to turn off the light.

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